Monday, January 26, 2009

I forgot the breakfasts and lunches!

I typed out the plan for this week's dinners, but I forgot to add the breakfasts and lunches... right after I had just said I was planning those out too! Fortunately I can type up another post and link it to the original. ;) The dinner portions of the weekly menu can be found here.

  • eggs and toast (with butter or butter & Marmite)
  • Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich (found a few boxes of them from the grocery salvage outlet for less than I could make them from scratch)
  • eggs and cereal
  • banana bread, eggs, and bacon or sausage (probably Saturday)
  • repeat one or two
Notice a theme here? If I don't have eggs for breakfast, I can really tell later in the day. I'll get tired and cranky, and I need all of my energy right now.

  • tuna melt, tomato soup
  • salmon burger patty (frozen), tartar sauce, mixed vegetables
  • enchilada (frozen), mixed vegetables
  • cheese and crackers, canned soup, fruit
  • dinner leftovers


mentalutopia said...

Is it eggs specifically that you need, or just the protein? How are your cholesterol levels? If they are low or normal, it could be the cholesterol that your body needs.

~Spider~ said...

The cholesterol seems to be normal.

It seems to be eggs specifically that I need, although it could be just the protein. I've never tried substituting a pork chop or such for the eggs (unless it was at a restaurant where they served steak AND eggs or pork chop AND eggs), but the eggs are cheaper than that anyway.