Sunday, January 04, 2009

something new -- Menu Plan Monday

Lately I've been making an effort to rotate the foods in my pantry and freezers. I have a bit of a backstock built up and want to make sure it is used rather than just hoarded. I think planning out the weekly menus will help with this (not to mention it will help to eliminate those "what the heck am I having for dinner?" moments), so I'm going to be participating in the Menu Plan Monday carnival that's hosted on the Organizing Junkie's blog each week.

Monday: Chicken tetrazzini (from Dream Dinners)
Tuesday: Baked beans and assorted sausages/hot dogs
Wednesday: Assorted leftovers
Thursday: Frozen pre-packaged noodle based meals from the freezer (those "just add chicken" things)
Friday: Orange Chicken (frozen, from Trader Joe's) and Bejing Vegetables (frozen, also from Trader Joe's)
Saturday: Assorted "leftover New Year's Eve junk foods" -- mini tacos, flautas, etc.
Sunday: Chicken pie (from Costco)

For more meal planning ideas, go to I'm An Organizing Junkie!

You're probably looking at this list and thinking, "There's a lot of pre-packaged convenience stuff in that menu." You're right. Some of them are things that I found on sale somewhere and then were buried in the freezer and forgotten (except for the orange chicken and the Bejing veggies... we just like them and they're cheaper than going out to eat!) for a very long time. They're taking
up precious freezer space and really need to be used up.


Just another SAHM said...

Mmmm the Mandarin Orange Chicken from TJs is SO good! Plus, you're absolutely right, it is much cheaper than eating out & so easy to throw together.
There are a few frozen products from TJs that I always pick up to have on hand. Even with menu planning, sometimes things just happen & you need a quick back up! :)
Happy MPM!

Shawn said...

Your menu sounds great and easy. I need to do some freezer and pantry clean out too.

Tina said...

Sounds great!

Rona's Home Page said...

You've got a great plan for utilizing your pantry and freezer items.

Anonymous said...

We had the sweet & sour chicken from Trader Joe's and it was pretty good. I wanted to try the orange chicken, but they didn't have any. Great lookiing menu!