Friday, July 22, 2011

how strange!

For some reason all of my previous posts have been pushed to a different page rather than appearing below. I wouldn't think too much about it if I hadn't been making some recent posts, and now my blog looks pretty empty.

Odd. Anyone know why this happened?

EDITED TO ADD: Never mind! I removed a picture from the last post and it all looks fine now!

to do today

  • make Sticky Chicken for tonight's dinner
  • work on/finish paper for Marine Biology
  • gather remaining paperwork for SFSU
  • work on field trip questions for Monterey Bay Aquarium field trip
  • menu plan for next week? (may wait till tomorrow night - schoolwork taking priority today)
Maybe that's it for now.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

to do

Hello, neglected blog.

  • roast the lemon-rosemary-bay brined chicken (no recipe, just based it off of this formula for brining and added chunked up lemons and some rosemary to the brine)
  • pull chicken off of the bones, set aside in 3 cup portions
  • do some research for my marine biology paper
  • clean some more off of my desk
  • prep veggies for the week - snap ends off of beans, trim kale & broccoli, wash lettuce, scrub carrots
  • pack lunch for the week (already have 2 packed, will be doing a picnic lunch on Thursday)
  • print out form for SFSU
  • clear at least 23 things out of the kitchen cabinet
  • throw away 23 things off of the kitchen table
  • finish menu planning for the rest of the week