Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's time for Menu Plan Monday!

It's been confirmed -- with the busier schedule now that I'm back in school, the menu plans really help.

  • eggs and toast/bagel/English muffin (with butter or butter & Marmite)
  • homemade breakfast burritos (salsa, scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese in a tortilla)
  • Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich
  • eggs and hot cereal
  • monkey bread and eggs (probably weekend morning)
  • cottage cheese (we have a lot!) and soup
  • ham sandwich, fruit
  • PBJ (or something equivalent made with cashew butter) and yogurt
  • chicken nuggets (from the freezer, I swear!), mixed veggies
  • taco salad (I'm hoping to make a batch of it sometime this week)

Monday: homemade tacos, mixed veggies
Tuesday: Poppy Seed Chicken casserole, green beans
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: pork chops with raisins and apples (from freezer), roasted Brussels sprouts
Friday: chili dogs, corn, fruit cocktail
Saturday: roast chicken, rutabagas
Sunday: Soup & Bread Night -- hamburger soup, cornbread or scones

For more meal planning ideas, go to I'm an Organizing Junkie!

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