Tuesday, March 20, 2007

falafel bento

(This was originally posted in another blog on 9/7/06)

It's really difficult to make little brown and green balls look appetizing in a picture, especially when the sun has gone down and the natural lighting is gone for the day.


Tomorrow is my 9am-2pm film class, so I wanted to pack a substantial lunch.

Larger bento box: Falafel with container of tahini sauce, assorted veggies (cucumber, tomato, pickled turnip, oil-cured olives).

Smaller bento box with pink lid: Hummus (topped with chopped parsley and a spicy red sauce), strawberries and kiwi slices.

With the exception of the fruit and some of the veggies, these were all leftovers from tonight's dinner from Falafel's Drive-In. I'm planning to use the veggies as dippers for the hummus and use the tahini sauce (and maybe some of the hummus) on the falafels.

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