Tuesday, April 18, 2006

First bento

I recently purchased my first bento box and packed lunch in it for the very first time.
First bento!

Lower tray: Cubes of leftover meatloaf and a little bottle of ketchup.
Upper tray: Steamed spinach with sesame seeds and lemon, a little nori maki rice cracker, and Fuji apple slices.
Cup: Instant raspberry iced tea powder (I added water to it at lunch).

The bento box says "Puti Fresh" and has a green grape design (another view of the same bento box). It unfortunately didn't include a band to hold it all together; I've been using a thick rubber band until I can get a real one. Everything came in a cute matching cloth bag, but I have to keep the cup on its side in the bag in order to get it to fit. This makes me a little leary of traveling with liquids inside the cup, but powdered drinks will work for now.

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